Monday, October 1, 2007

Case of the Monday's: F-ck the National Media

Clevelanders have a Napoleonic complex, plain and simple. It doesn't help with the city itself being in the condition it's in, but at the same time, it runs deeper than that. It begins and ends with the sports teams. Granted, Cleveland is basically like every other Midwestern Great Lakes city, basically a smaller version of Chicago with a certain trait that separates it from its bretheren, but none of these cities have the mental issues that we have here. Think about Pittsburgh, their city is a pile of shit that makes Cleveland look like paradise, yet do they always complain about being the proverbial little brother to Philly and New York? No. Why is this? The mothefucking, goddamned, piece of shit, takes it in the ass from mental institutional prisoners Steelers. Same with Detroit and Indianapolis, and even Buffalo (ugh...) to a degree.

If Cleveland hadn't endured the Drive, the Fumble, MJ over Ehlo, MJ in general, Jose fucking Mesa, Tom fucking Glavine, 51-101, the Curse of '54, need I continue, would we have such a massive chip on our shoulders from being largely ignored by the national press? Fuck no. Yet, Sunday, the Browns annhilate a preseason Super Bowl contender and they don't get any mention at all by Peter King, AOL Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, New York Times, USA Today or the majority of nationally viewed sports blogs. Save for a brief mention by Michael Silver of Yahoo sports and the Plain Dealer, it seems as if this game never happened. Is it because it's hard to swallow the pill of being so wrong? Is it because they didn't bring out the fireworks like they did against Cincy? Is it just shame in being so far off on your preseason prognostication?

Basically, fuck you national press. The Browns are a respectable team, unlike the 2nd worst like Peter King and so many other douchebags predicted. They eviscerated one of the top defenses in the NFL without even thinking about it. Rich Gannon said it best when the Browns weren’t running more no-huddle, “maybe they would if the game had been closer, but right now they don’t need to.” This was an ass-whooping, yet nobody noticed because of Brett Favre (rightly so) and the Giants (wha?).

It doesn't stop with the Browns though. The Indians are largely ignored because of the Yanks!! and the Sox!! despite the fact the Indians have a vastly superior team to both of them sans the star power. If the national media is just so eager to fellatiate the New York and Boston markets without looking at the teams objectively, why even consider yourselves media? You're a bunch of lucky white people who get to go on TV and talk. Steve Phillips, I'm talking to you because according to you, the Indians aren't even in the playoffs.

So basically, Cleveland is LeBron, which is fine. I'd rather have something than nothing. But when one of the only bright spots in this city is nationally predicted to be leaving ASAP, that's slapping the city in the face. The Browns are a good team this year. Any idiot who knows anything about football could see this (Football Outsiders, smart. Peter King, smart but still an idiot for thinking the Browns were worse than the Falcons and a host of other teams). It's a shame, but honestly, it will be all worth it and that time is coming quite soon. The Tribe are poised for a serious run for the next 4 years at least, the Browns look like they'll be contenders soon, the Cavs have the best player in the league and great ownership, and the Buckeyes are staying the course. Bridesmaids no longer, fuck all of you.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture. I hope that bomb was dropped on Pittsburg, facing in the direction of New York.

Go Tribe!! Kick the Yankee's overrated asses back to the trash heap that is NYC!