Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Bills are a Good Team?

Really? That's what people seem to be saying. "Oh, they're really coming together, playing solid ball this year." Really? The Bills? Wow, that's kind of a new one.

Hell, even I'm guilty. I said they had a solid defense. That's just not true. Sure, they're stats are affected by playing the Patriots, but at the same time, they're inflated by playing the Jets twice, Dolphins twice, Redskins and the Ravens. The Cowboys game was their best performance by far, but they decided to hand that one off, they didn't need to win it. Oh, and that's when they were healthy.

Their offense would make the 1999 Browns' offense look like the 1999 Rams. Marshawn Lynch is a very solid player. Trent Edwards might be the 2nd worst starting QB in the league, only because some team in Gay Mecca is starting Trent Dilfer.

"But we have awesome special teams!!" Awesome, so do we.

I'll give credit where it's due. Donte Whittner is the real deal. Schoebel and Kelsay are the real deal(s). Marshawn Lynch is awesome. Jason Peters is awesome. Kevin Everett can walk again.

Here's what's working against you...first off, Dick Jauron is your coach. Second, you have Trent Edwards, crown prince of the dump off, running your offense rather than J.P. Losman who has a Favre-esque gun. Edwards is great...if you like having the other team's safeties 15 yards off the line of scrimmage and making plays all day. That's what happens when your QB can't stretch the field, it's called Charlie Frye Syndrome.

The Bills defense gets respect...which is funny considering they're the 16th ranked rushing defense and the 29th ranked passing defense. Would I take that for the Browns? If you asked me a month ago, I would have said definately. way in hell.

I always liked the Bills back in the day. Loved K-Gun. Loved Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith. Thought Andre Reed was the best WR in football other than Jerry Rice. I absolutely LOVE, unconditionally, their throwback uniforms, easily the best in football (outside of the Browns). I can empathize with the fans, they're just as loyal as Browns' fans and create a great home-field advantage.

But personal sentiments don't override logic. The reality is the Bills are not a good football team right now. While detractors can point to the Ravens and Bengals being weak, those teams at least have talent. While the Browns have played the Jets and Dolphins, they at least scored more than 17 points. The Browns weren't embarassed by the Pats, while Buffalo was 2x.

Cleveland and Buffalo are similar cities, and it's good to see both of us have WINNING football teams again. I say winning, rather than good, because only the Browns are a good team. The Bills are a fraud, akin to the Jets from last year. Why the media feels the need to hold their defense in a good light is beyond me, because it isn't good.

That said, I'm nervous as fuck about Sunday.

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Jim said...

The Bills haven't beaten a .500 team yet. I'm not hoping that the Browns win Sunday because there's no doubt they will. I'm hoping the Browns blow out the Bills and Quinn plays the 4th quarter so we can finally put an end to all this DA/Quinn trade talk.