Thursday, December 13, 2007

TO vs. Tuna

I'm extremely biased here. I love TO. I hate Keyshawn Johnson. I have no idea what prompted Keyshawn to call out TO like that, he knew what TO's response was going to be, but furthermore, he was flat out wrong.

So let me get this straight, Key, because Parcells brought in these players, he should get all the credit? That's what it sounds like. Know what else it sounds like? BULLSHIT.

If anything, Parcells' legacy is extremely tainted by the Cowboys' success. He had almost the identical team last year. Sure, Romo has come into his own, but people had been calling for him to start since the preseason of that year. Look at the results from last year when you put Romo in. You mean to tell me Parcells deserves credit for the Cowboys this year?

I loved Parcells as a coach. Well, scratch that. I loved his press conferences and TV clips. Was he a good coach? Eh...I'd say yea, based off of the Giants' success. But ever since then, he's been a much better GM, building a team rather than leading it. He gets great players in and cultivates a purely football mentality. His schemes are solid and he breeds a sense of accountability with his team that eventually leads to success. But his playcalling and his ego management are just fucking horrific.

Wade doesn't deserve that much credit though either. If it wasn't for Parcells' discipline, then the free-wheeling attitude that Wade brought in would be counterproductive, which it will end up being in the next couple years unless there's a change. But, at the same time, Parcells wouldn't have succeeded like this, his players were on the verge of mutiny before he left.

That's the thing. Key, you couldn't be more wrong. This team is linked to Parcells only in the fact that he brought the players in, and that's it. This current incarnation of the Cowboys has more to do with the current atmosphere that Wade has brought in, rather than the boot camp that Parcells ran.

Plus, why would you say that shit to TO? Does he have a good track record of taking criticism? Where do you get off talking to him like that anyways? Like TO said, you both came out in the same year...yet who's playing like the real no. 1 overall pick and who', not playing. Key, you were always a glorified posession reciever. If the first-down stat had any sort of significance, you'd be a Hall of Famer. If bitching at your coach for no reason was a stat, you'd be a Hall of Famer. If catching the most balls while scoring the least TD's was a significant stat, you'd be the greatest of all time. Face it, you're not in TO's class. You're not TO's peer. The only few players who can talk to TO right now on an equal level are Randy Moss, Steve Smith, Braylon Edwards, Anquan Boldin and Andre Johnson.

You aren't in those guys' level and you never were. Don't talk to TO like he's an arrogant rookie and that he is bashing Parcells for no reason. TO bashes the Tuna because he realized that Parcells couldn't call a game anymore, he couldn't adapt to the new football climate. For you to stick to your guns as a "Parcells' Guy" is almost as retarded as Les Miles saying he's a "Michigan Man." Key, the farthest you got with the Tuna was to an AFC Championship game that you lost. You won a Super Bowl with Jon Gruden, yet you wouldn't give him the time of day because you still think that was Tony Dungy's team (despite the fact that Dungy repeatedly failed with one of the most stacked rosters of the time).

You weren't involved in this debate Keyshawn, stay out of it and don't start shit that didn't need to be started.

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