Sunday, December 30, 2007

Brady Quinn's First NFL Appearance Live Blog

  • Derek Anderson got a little beat up on a Michael Lewis blitz...reports from CLEVELAND'S OWN Tony Rizzo say Brady might get in now as the Fox cameras show him warming up on the sideline...OMG OMG OMG He's so cute.
  • Fucking Browns need to at least get a stop first things first. Fucking Christ Kamerion mother fucking ass fucking whore. Don't you realize that we wanna see Brady Quinn you fucking 5-10 pieces of shit ass fuck bitch? Goddamned Tourette's is kicking my ass right now.
  • GO PEYTON MANNING!!!! Dude, get a fucking life. Don't root for someone else to lose, that's just not the way to roll. And if you're going to, fucking do it at home, don't wear a Peyton jersey to a Browns-49ers game.
  • And the Browns defense lets a fucker who was a 47 year old Heisman winner at Free Shoes University, and the only QB in NFL history to lose 15 straight games hit a physically-damned Darrell Jackson for a TD. Can we say every draft pick will be spent on defense? Yes, we can.
  • Josh Cribbs is the best-est.
  • Here's the man himself, coming into a huge ovation. That's gotta be a good feeling.
  • That was an awful first pass. AWFUL. Lots of pressure tho.
  • Rumor has it, Jamal will be here for awhile. Great signing, the man clearly is back, but it would be wise to still try and sign Michael Turner.
  • The same pass, haven't you been watching on the sideline? Vickers hasn't caught a pass all year, doesn't matter if it hits him right in the hands or not. Decent pass.
  • Then he hits Heiden for a pretty first down. Nice seam, hit him on the wrong shoulder, but Heiden is pretty underrated and can still make that catch. Decent pass, good catch, still Quinn fit it through a window and got some nice yards. He has a lot more arm strength than people were saying during the draft. Granted, DA still has the best arm on the team, Quinn isn't Chad Pennington here, haven't seen great accuracy yet, but then again, he's only thrown 3 passes so maybe I should stop being a douchebag.
  • Gets another one. Joe J. makes a nice underneath catch, ball was right in there. Effective if not spectacular, haven't really taken any shots.
  • Whoo. There's a nice pass to Winslow in the flat. Looked like Vickers was the intended target, but he somehow found Winslow on a different level, nice play, throw and catch.
  • Missed fade pass, just too much on it and Clements had really good position. Nate Clements, from Shaker Heights (Cleveland suburb), is always going to get that position and he's one of the best at jamming at the line.
  • Braylon dropped that one. Tough catch to make in traffic, but it was a solid throw even if it was a little late, but still, safe and out of reach from any defender.
  • WTF??? Kellen had that for the first TD. Right there, good pass, nice first showing. That'll probably be it until the half...DA or Brady in the 2nd? Hmm...smells like a controversy.
That'll be it for now until the 2nd half. I'm gonna go watch Die Hard 3.

2nd Half:

  • Brady or DA? Brady or DA? I'm not going to lie, if it's DA, I'm outta here. We expect him to be good. Well, it's DA. I'll stick around for a second. Damnit Romeo. Why start making good decisions now? Fuck.
  • I bet if K2 catches that...Quinn keeps going.
  • Dear God is Joshua Cribbs fucking amazing. Who cares that he was holding, it was still sweet. JC Pearson makes a great point...why even kick to him? That was a bush call too.
  • Patrick Willis is just ridiculous. What an amazing pick. But he's not a 3-4 LB. He would be an unstoppable force if you got him two big chunkies in there to let him do his thing, he'd get 15 tackles a game without even sweating.
  • Haha. Booing DA for a near INT. Classy stuff people. Right, boo the guy that got you to 9-6 after years of going 4-12. Sometimes I just want to kill people here. It's fucking obnoxious. Then he goes out and perfectly sells a shovel pass that gets a good gain with great blocking for Jason Wright by Ryan Tucker.
  • Awesome pass by DA. Seriously, this is his first year too. DA can fit shit in at any level, you can't just give up on that. He's going to get better, and if he doesn't...then we have a backup plan. Let the man develop without having to look over his back. It's not like he's a 30 year old journeyman, he's a 24 year old with 3 years already in the NFL. That's called a solid plan executed.
  • Kellen Winslow's handwriting looks like a 4th grade girl's. Just sayin'.
  • Good lookin' throwing it out of bounds. DA has improved over the course of the season. His decision making, aside from last week's debacle, has become somewhat solid.
  • Dear God, Patrick Willis. Layin' the wood. That man is my hero, coming from his background to what he has don't want to get hit by a guy like that. He's putting every ounce of pain from his hard childhood into each hit and it shows.
I'm gonna get out of here and just watch the game. Brady looked OK, but it was a smart move sitting him down. He got a taste and hopefully he can learn from that, but for now, DA is the right choice.

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