Friday, February 29, 2008

DA is Back and Other Browns Thoughts

So DA resigned with the Browns. I'm kinda split on that: on one hand, I genuinely liked DA, on the other, some draft picks would've been nice. Oh well, his new contract is more than managable and we can see what he can do with little consequences if it doesn't work out.

However, the Browns need some more defense. Justin Smith would be a nice target, but he's going to be extremely expensive, and frankly, I just don't think it's worth it. But Calvin Pace, the 272 lb hybrid LB/DE from Arizona? He'd be worth every penny. Justin Smith, while giving the Browns a D-Line that could consist of 3 Smiths would be cool, can only play end. Pace gives you versatility.

Think about the possiblities with this guy. He can rush with his hand on the ground, going to a 4 man front or he can come out from an LB position. He's strong against the run and a load to deal with...too fast for an RT, too strong for an LT. You can have a 2 man line in nickel situations with 4 LB's and have Pace, Peek and Kamerion come from anywhere on the field.

Savage wanted Terrell Suggs, with good reason. Pace is a cheaper version who can fit any style of defense and is a physical specimen that's almost unparalleled. I was right about the Browns going after Corey Williams, I just hope I'm right about Calvin Pace.

Make it happen Phil.

UPDATE: PFT is saying the Dolphins are close to signing Pace to a big ass deal, similar to what Joey Porter got last year. Interesting. Now, as my partner in crime just suggested to me...which originially sounded outrageous, but now sounds actually do-able, would you trade DA for Jason Taylor? Think about it, Taylor was pissed last year about not getting more skrilla and The Tuna likes DA a whole lot, probably even more now that he's locked into such a managable contract. Why not do a switch? Give Taylor a 2 year extension, give DA to the Tuna and the Browns get a hybrid DE/LB who can rush the passer and the Dolphins get their QB.

Donte Stallworth is visiting the Browns. He can be had cheap. DO IT PHIL, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

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