Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gotta Love Monster Snow Storms:

These are car's in my neighborhood taken yesterday, Saturday March 8, 2008. There was just no where to put the snow for the plows and people were then unable to do anything about it. Some people got fucked by snow plows who just plowed public lots and simply pushed snow up against other people's cars, but like I said, they were unable to do anything about it. I had no problems thanks to my girlie Jeep, but it certainly put a damper on the weekend. Anyway, these were taken around 3:30pm, which is before the worst of it seemed to come. Those who were brave enough to drive around ended up getting stuck in the middle of intersections and on side streets. I helped a friend and his girlfriend on Saturday afternoon and that took 3 guys to get a Civic out, a Jetta with 2 girls in it and someone dude came and helped me push them out, and then a smaller pickup truck was having trouble getting up his driveway that took 2 guys pushing and one driving.

So much for all those stupid Clevelanders who just made the problem worse by getting themselves stuck by avoiding those who were stuck, just because you didn't want to get out of your car to help. Either just sit there and wait it out or help out. You don't need to try to drive your Toyota Carolla up a snow pile to avoid the stuck car and then expect those who were previously stuck to help you. It doesn't work that way. I never got stuck, but I tried to help those who were stuck . Either way, enough of a rant, enjoy the pics.


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