Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who Do These Teams Think They Are?

This is insane. I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. It's Christmas times two in Cleveland, again. First, Danny Ferry pulls off a blockbuster trade, that in good time, should amount to some Central Division and Eastern Conference Championships. That got me boning over the NBA again, as if I wasn't already. THEN, Phil Savage pulls of a two day singing frenzy that should be recognized in Cleveland as a holiday for years to come.

I love the trade from Danny Ferry and the Cavs. The way I see it, he just put Ben Wallace back in the same situation he was in in Detroit. In my mind Big Z = Sheed in terms of their game. Granted Sheed has a big more range than Z, but Z is Lithuanian for Christ's sake, come on. They play the same style game and no one, I mean no one, plays the tip drill better than Z. Now you have Ben Wallace free to roam around and just grab rebounds and take the ball back up strong for a strong finish, possibly an and one situation.

The problem I always had with Drew Gooden was that he was always out of position to grab rebounds. I could aways get past those "doh" moments, with a shot from the corner by Drew 3 seconds into the possession. That I got over and accepted after the All-Star game last year. I just could never accept the fact that he was always 8-10 feet away from the basket and every offensive set involved the Center postion being 18-25 feet away from the basket. Z has range and I would much rather him taking a shot than Drew, but Drew always seemed to feel like had something to prove with his offensive game. The Cavs dynamic just needed someone to do the dirty work and Drew was never that guy. Thats why Andy Varajao has had success. This is a guy who is willing to do the grunt work and not care about the glory. You have Lebron James, no one else needs glory; just feed off what he can do for you.

That's why the trade with all those guys leaving and the Cavs getting Shawn Marion made little to no sense to me. They never needed another star player to take attention off of Lebron, they just need the right players to allow Lebron the freedom to do what he's done for the last 4 years. He plays his own brand of basketball. Its a hybrid of a whole heap of shit and thats what makes him good. So, having that one other headline act with Lebron made little to no sense...

Then we have this Phil Savage guy trying to get elected to the Oval Office or something. How big are this guys nuts? No picks on the first day of the NFL draft. Phil, you just ruined a national holiday for any real NFL fan. How do you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!

I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed with the loss of Leigh Bodden. He was another one of those diamonds in the rough. He made me feel very confident in the ablility of Romeo and Phil. They had an eye out for some type of talent and they got it. Sure he had his blown coverages, but there are some good WR's in the league and when you have to cover one of them for that long, mistakes are bound to happen. I would have liked to see what he could have done with the new D-linemen, but you gotta give up something to get something.

On to what they did get. Corey Williams? Shaun Rogers? Dante Stallworth? This guy has some major cajones. I love these moves, it almost seems like a big game of Madden this enter free agency period. A lot of the moves just seemed to come for promising so much in terms of dollar amounts. $20-30 million guaranteed for these guys is unreal. Not that they aren't worth it, but its like trading your first round draft pick in the coming year's draft for Tom Brady. My associate has already touched upon the need for some chunkies on the D-line, so I really don't see the need to go there. BUT, they just added Dante Stallworth too. I mean they just made an anlready potent offense, even more potent. I mean with the arm of DA, the speed of Stallworth, the total abilities of Braylon, the sturdiness of Joe Jurevicius, the solidarity of K2 and Jamaal Lewis, thats just something to talk about.

Phil went out last year and orchestrated some great deals for the offense and we've been saying it for months now; he is going to go out and do it again this year, only for the defense. I just can't b elieve that it's happened again.

I can't believe that any of this has happened. In due time I think the new-look Cleveland Cavs will go the next 3-6 games as an average team. Just let them have some time to use these next games as a pre-season and hopefully they'll go on an unholy tear and repeat as East Champs. At least that's the goal, anyway. When the season opens the new-look Cleveland Browns should hopefully have a better beginning than last year. The harder schedule is enough to worry any serious fan, but come on, we have Horse Balls...

Go Browns, Go Cavs, Vote Phil Savage, for President.

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