Thursday, October 4, 2007

Perfect Pats...

You know what I'm getting real sick of? All this talk about the Patriots going undefeated. Why does this matter? Sure its a great accomplishment, but does that mean that the Patriots season is a loss if they lose one game? NO. I mean I wish them all the success they can handle, but I just can't seem to grasp the reasoning as to why this is important.

I coach basketball. It's volunteer grade school basketball, but none the less it still counts. The school where I coach has a great talent pool to work with, but I've never challenged anyone to go "perfect". I don't really see the point. I want my players to lose at least one game over the course of the season just so they know how it feels. Once they know the feeling of defeat, they won't want to experience that again. Am I the only one who sees value in losing one game? I have never purposely lost a game, but it just seems so worthless to dwell on perfection. I love sports and am an extremely competitive person, but lets not go overboard on this one.

There is no question in my mind that the Patriots are the "best" team in football, bar none. But to say that there isn't anyone in the league who's capable of beating them is untrue. How does that saying go? Any given Sunday? Let's not take away from what they're doing by focusing on what they could do. That just seems to be happening way too much. My homepage on every computer I own is, and everyday I turn there, there is an article posted about how they could "possibly" go undefeated. Guys, anyone could go undefeated. It just seems like a worthless argument to make.

Let's say they do go undefeated and lose in the first round of the playoffs to an inferior team. Does that still mean they are one of the best teams ever to grace the gridiron? Say they lose to the Browns this weekend then win the rest of their games and then go on to win the SB. Then we have to endure hours of wasted airtime on ESPN, and every other sports talk show in America, saying how they almost did it. It seems to me that the media is taking away from the sport by focusing on this WAY too much. Let's be honest, Dallas is playing just as good of football as the Pats are against similar competition. Let's just start giving credit to the teams on a week to week basis. The only focus for anyone, media included, should be your teams next opponent, PERIOD. You can make your predictions for playoffs, champions, and wins/losses, whatever you want, but it's the athletes that go out and play and the coaches who go out and coach. Whatever happens, happens, and then you can give us your worthless criticism after it Sean Salisbury.

And for the record no team will go undefeated, in any professional sport. And lets be honest here, there is so much more that you can talk about in the NFL than that drivel. I mean come on, give some credit to those teams who are doing things that no one thought they would. Take for example: Browns 2-2 after that hard opening schedule, Green Bay going 4-0 without the presence of any running game, Tampa Bay's surprising start at 3-1, and lets not forget about what Vince Young is still doing down in Tennessee.

I'm just sick of worthless arguing for sake of arguing, it's a waste of good radio/tv/internet space. Thats all I have to say. Oh and hey LT, crying in the post game press conference will tarnish your so far great career and get a decent helmet.


Dwight Schrute said...

You know what I'm getting sick of?

Your crybaby semantics, thats what.
You aplogize for being a NEO sports fan, and fail to acknowledge that your allowed to be pridefull in ones team.

You believe that by mentioning that the Pats, or Yankees, or Red Sox, or basically you can insert any great team name here, are beatable, that you jinx our NEO team.

Your a complete mindless nut job to believe that.
"ooooohhh, dont say the yankees suck because that will MAKE them beat us"
Bullshit pole rider, the indians are the better team, and no one wearing the Wahoo red should be embaressed to scream it from the top of Tower City.

But nut jobs like you, get uppity, and your panties get in a bunch when someone bags on another team.
What pile pike shit.

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

I'm prideful in our spelling capabilities first off.

Second, I was emailing the whole time he wrote this. He's pissed at the media for only talking about the Patriots. Was that not clear? He wasn't trying to jinx them.

Third, you know what? After living in Cleveland for 21 of my 23 years, I believe that the self depreciation is part of our identity. If we were embarassed by our sports teams, why would we waste time writing about them?

And where do we suck off the Yankees? I gave them props for their offense and talked about the matchups objectively. The thing that makes Boston and NY fans so obnoxious is that they're so arrogant, that they think all other teams dont exist. It's a matchup between two teams and they both have their weaknesses and strengths. Yea I'm scared of JoBo going up against that lineup because LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED THIS SEASON.

If you wanna be a blind homer, get off the internet.

Anonymous said...

little sensitive aren't we shrute? I know your into that whole conspiracy thing-- why don't you join the cast of Dallas-- oh yeah, cancelled-- like you for not being logical. Go with your gut-- it's all you have left; 12-3. --- MDP townline

Anonymous said...

You believe that by mentioning that the Pats, or Yankees, or Red Sox, or basically you can insert any great team name here, are beatable, that you jinx our NEO team.

I'm confused. By great team do you mean shitty team? Because you included the Yankees in there.